who won the war

Can you tell me
Who won the war?
In our greed and anger
We’ve gone too far

We couldn’t see the world
Through each other’s eyes
For our wealth and future
We threw a dice

You couldn’t tell me
You couldn’t tell me

Can you tell me
Who won our roamin’ heart
Was it worth the money
Was it worth a fart

You go praise your gods
What if you knew they’re lyin’
The one you serve’s like all god
They made slaves and died

Your roamin’ heart will fade away
Your achin’ heart will break today
Your restless longing’s lone last day
Your heart’s debris will be washed away

Your longing’s goal’s about to score
Your nervous tiredness will hurt no more
Your twisted nerves will be all calmed down
It will be the end of your life-term frown