I breathe alone

You take my nerve
You take my freedom
You treat me like a drone
You want me and
You push me
Together we’re alone, so alone

You prison me from wisdom
You say you can lead me there
I remember times I’ve loved you
But I stopped to dare

You say that my will is broken
I ain’t sayin’ you were wrong
We feel that a feeling’s damaged
Shouldn’t argue
I can’t argue anymore

I breathe alone just like you do
Still repeatin’ a sick old song
It pulls me away just like the way
You happened to be the first love

You fake for me illusion
You laugh at my complains
We’re the shits of our confusion
Bustin’ all our plans
All our plans

Our love is like our life, dear
A friend who never smiles
Give it a last push, babe
Let’s get it to the files