all you messed up

Standin’ in the rain,
I was waitin’ at the dope house
I’ve come to hear what’s the answer today?
All I needed was a huge amount of dope, baby
And all my thoughts already ridin’ on air

My friends were waitin’ so I asked if it was alright
To pump some smack to get high on my way
“Go ahead!” was the answer from the man, baby
Who got me high and arrested me then

My well built and best destroyed high

Life’s like the open sea
Life’s like the open run
Life’s like a promisin’ ride
But youse guys messed up my high

I’ve been the scene for what’s the trouble with you, baby
The day you swore to stay ’til death us do part
But in the thick of it you were already done, baby
I didn’t check you meant the death of my heart

My well built and best destroyed high