ze newz


preview, download or stream darko online now and ever: ze music.


there is always a next show. but not at area 51 hilden at 2016-12-10.
sorry, cancelled.


darko: released today! please send us a note for your urgent order, shop design is coming soon.



darko: production in progress. awaiting delivery!



darko: finally, mastering has finished. production follows soon.


well yeah,

since we never go back, heading further is the goal. therefore, the mastering of our new album darko went into the house of the maste-ring-king rainer. all of our confidence, faith and trust is with him, as he will get that tunes fully packed with master-harder-rock-n-roll-sounds from his incredible hot analog masteringstudio.

as soon as the album is ready, we will blast it into your ears! watch and listen out, we won’t ask you for admission!


hell(o) there,

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unser neues Album “darko” ist so gut wie fertig aufgenommen und abgemischt… das mastering steht bald an!